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Art and other junk I create or am fascinated by

More drawings on vintage sheet music. #art #drawing #rose #vintahe
Drawing on some old sheet music
Sometimes I wish that I knew how to tattoo. Not cause I am amazing, but just cause I think it is a great art form #dagger #watercolor #ink #rose #art #knife
I’m saving up for a new guitar. Keep going back and forth on what I want though. Both are so great
Come hang out tonight with @eachandallband as we jam out with quinell at the Rendezvous. 8:00pm. $5 at the door
Working on this large scale piece for a fellow pastor and friend. Inked and ready to transfer to final sheet for final piece and details. If you ever want to commission something like this let me know.
If anyone wonders where I got my artistic talent from just check out this mailbox my mom painted for my house. love you mom!
Only one more week until our CCC Young Adult service Resolute. This is going to be an awesome night. January 24th. 7:00pm at Everett Campus
Poster for our @eachandallband show January 22nd. Come hang out
My site is now live. Check out . I have all sorts of original art: calligraphy, typography, geometric, illustrations